A free market harms the poor the most, right? I used to fall for this too, when I was a liberal. The goal of socialists, at least the goal they publicize, is helping the little guy. They say they want to help the unfortunate lower classes of society. Yet, it is precisely this group that is harmed the most by socialism. People who have more money are able to work around the system. They can still get what they want by hiring servants to wait in lines for them. They can take advantage of black markets. They can travel to other countries for health care. Free markets, on the other hand, have benefited the lower classes immensely. The lowest socioeconomic classes in a wealthy country like America now have an abundance of food; indeed, the “poor” are very often obese. They have gizmos and gadgets galore. They have large-screen TVs, cars, microwave ovens, and computers. If you want to pursue the espoused goal of socialism, the lifting of the masses, then you need to use free markets to do it. The average European does not even do as well in material well-being as someone below the official poverty line in America. Research by Robert Rector reveals that the average “poor” American has more square footage of living space than does the average person living in London, Paris, Vienna, Munich, and Stockholm. He found that “poor Americans eat far more meat, are more likely to own cars and dishwashers, and are more likely to have basic modern amenities such as indoor toilets than is the general West European population.” Just like Winston Churchill said, “The chief vice of capitalism is the unequal distribution of wealth, but the chief virtue of socialism is the equal distribution of misery.” Learn more in The High Price of Socialized Medicine. Choose freedom. Choose prosperity. Choose happiness.
American health care is so expensive because of unrestrained free markets, right? Dr. Brook used to think so, until he learned the truth in his medical training. He was an…

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