Are you frustrated with

  •   lack of attention to detail?
  •   high costs?
  •   waiting to see a doctor?
  •   insurance companies managing your care?

Do you wonder what happened to the kind of caring, attentive physician of whom Marcus Welby was typical?

Dr. Jim Brook spends the time that is needed to thoroughly address patient concerns.

The average fee for the past 3 months was $55, including labs, medications, and housecalls.  The fee is based on the time spent, not on insurance codes.  Click here to see the receipt as of May 2013.

Housecalls are available if you cannot get out, or if you just do not want to.  Dr. Brook is generally right on time for appointments, with no need for patients to wait (unless they come early).

Patients pay directly, eliminating the hassles of “managed care.”  With Dr. Brook, the patient is the customer, not the insurance company.

Confidentiality is honored.  Unlike most doctors, Dr. Brook does not have to give his records to the federal government under HIPAA rules. Click here for a detailed explanation.

At Dr. Brook’s office, there are no partners or physician assistants.  You will be seeing the same doctor every time, unless he is out in which case nobody is “on call” for him.  In those cases you would need to go elsewhere, such as an urgent care clinic.